Jumat, 03 September 2010

they are my MIRACLES :)

♥ Sinlui Choir

Yeah, "sinluichoir", I love it! I'm lucky and proud have a family like them. Why?Maybe you think it's just a choir. But for me, NOT. I have many many many experience with Sinlui Choir. They not only be a friend, but be my best best family. I proud of you all.They gave me the LOVE that I never had.

FPS ITB 2008 - so touching, funtustic, groofy, and the most imprtant is we are the winner!!

A Voyage of Song, Penang-Malaysia

Avos? Yap! Memorable moment. Never forget this JOURNEY^^. It's a long, hard, wonderful journey. And never forget if we are the CHAMPION!! :D

Sinlui.. GET GET NO! XD

unibraw festive :)

yeah, the last festive! ITB choir festival 2010. With a new friend,
new sister, new brother, new family!! :)

I ♥ them all :*

never forget my specialS momentS XD

sinlui... WOW MAGIC!!

"you're my melody, you're the music in me, you write a
notes that give me a wonderful melody
in my life :)"

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