Sabtu, 18 September 2010

oh my DAY :)

Yeaaaa!! XD I like this day :) Why oh why?? Ok, Let the story begin.... :p

First, I sang in the wedding mass today, and my choir join with Rosa Mystica Choir, where there were my lovely friends, Mariska-Dian-Bea. But they didn't participate for this time, because Mariska and Dian must do their job, and Bea still in class :)

Second, from my church I ran go back to my home, and I directly went to WM (my university). I have an audition today. It's about DANCING *yeaaa*. Yah, maybe everyone didn't know that I love dancing so mucchhhh. I love it since 3rd years old :) -that's what my mommy said- , haha, and luckyly, I still can dancing until now! :D . I'm afraid if I can't dancing again, because I never dancing again for 2 years. But, the coach (nico-LM, wow!) said that the audition be delayed for 1 week, because a lot of enthusiasts. hahaha XD .dancing ~

yeaaaa :)

And today, I'm very proud with Popolin♥ she passed the Clique Auditionn!! Conggrats friend, G.O.O.D job!! :D . I believe that you can. EHHH.. BUTTT... you are Clique's part now, but don't forget about sinluiChoir. We still love you and you are part of us, don't forget okehhh!!! Lanjutnooo!! wkwk (ga ngerti basa inggrise)

good job pao ^^

Third, after from Wm, I went to Sinlui♥ to sang together with sinluiChoir, hihi, I love them so mucchhhh :) . And today we sang "Takadongdong" (again). Yeaa.. I like this song. ~Lagunya rancak sekaleeee~ XD . After that, Caki, Paulus, Nindya, Bravo, Bima, Jete, and I went to pizza Hut. So happy I can gather with them. I love you alll!!

Fourth, I joinedAlouisia Choir. And I meet my old friend.. aaaa miss you all :3 . We sang the song entitled "Sleep". The song is very awesome! Like we know from the title, YES, this song can make people sleep. But this song is really deep, calm, and have some wonderful chords.

WAaoo.. so amazing day, I love today. Make me feel "Ahhh..." wkwkwk.. I mean "free" :p

*adoh iki warnae tulisan kok ga mau kluar seh!! mbencekno, huhu TT*

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