Minggu, 19 September 2010

Thank to Jesus for all :)

A lot of thanks to my beloved Jesus for His GREATEST Gifts that He gave to me :) . What gifts?? It's called ”TALENTS. I realize that my life is wonderful because of my talents. Without that, I'm nothing~. I don't know, How can I have this talents?? I wondered. I post this note now NOT to arrogant myself, of course not. God said that we must share to the other and give some inspiration, so I'll try :D . I'm not perfect in all my talents, but I proud I can do that!

I’m so happy that music flowing in my blood *wohhoo*. I love singing, dancing, playing piano and guitar. I all. I also thank to God that that I was given the strong instinct about music.

How about art? I love it too. I like drawing, make some handmade, I like painting, I like photograph, I like all about art. I’m not a good artist, but I’ll try to move on and I’ll try to give my best :D

The last, sport. Oh Yeah, I ! I can't life without this :p . Once upon a time in the past, I ever think and I want to be a good athlete. Yea, that’s my wishes when I was in elementary school. Hahahaha XD I love swimming, playing volley ball, badminton, etc. I think not everyone can and like sport.

"I'll go up and never give up"

Many people inspire me. I promised that I will keep and save this talents and I will develop to give the best one. And I promised to give my talent back to God. God give us, we try to best, and we must give back to Him. MUST J!!

“I love swimming, dancing, travelling, but singing is what I want to do in the whole whole right world. So, I will always praise the Lord with my voices..”

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