Selasa, 18 Januari 2011

visited Kejayan Factory

Pocari Sweat?? YES! Haha. Today (18/01/11), I went to Pocary Sweat factory, called Kejayan Factory, placed at Lawang. I went with my facultie friends for learn about Pocari Sweat. We learned about how to make Pocari, how to packaging, and we so learn about the management. So awesome at there, the place is so clean, big, tidy, and beautiful. I was lucky got Pocari to visited! When I was there, we given a coin from officer to take pocari via vending machine. And we got good presentation, that made me know about pocari more. After presentation, we walked to see how the production occured. I saw many bottle moved and made it's row by itself! Waw. Like everyone said, this factory has a nice toilet, haha. Before we went home, we got a blue bag filled with 3 bottles of pocari sweat and we took a picture :D


*not for promotion, just for a diary :)*

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