Senin, 17 Desember 2012

I do LOVE you.

Parent is the one who have loved us since we are born, since we opened our eyes for the first time. The one who always waiting us to grow up everyday. A thousand advices they gave to us, just to make us to be a good person. Nothing else. We, as a daughter and son, sometimes hate about their advices. Why? because we want to be free. But dear mom and dad, don't worry. Maybe you thought that I want that freedom so I can do all of my desire. "I'm not". I want to be free, because I want to increase my ability. What for? "For make you happy". You ever said that I always shy and don't have confidence to sing in front when I was young. But now, you can see that I can make your desire reached. You ever said that I can't make you proud, but now you said that you proud of me. To do those all, I need time. But maybe, I was wrong about manage it. You said that I didn't have any time for you. At home I just did eat, sleep, do homework. You said that I have changed. I'm not their daughter like a years ago. "When you was young, you always have time for us, watch tv together, laugh together, give a hug, share, go somewhere, help mom for cooking, etc.., but now you don't. You was too busy with your own work". 


What a deepest sorry for you, but all I did is my effort to make you proud of me :'(. I believe that you know about it. And I promise that I will give a time for our family, like a years ago. I still want to be your daughter, like a years ago. I will lessen my activities and never make you worry about me again. I love you mom, dad. You are my first, my last, and my everything. I will always miss you, like you miss me. 

because I do LOVE you. 

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