Sabtu, 22 Desember 2012

My childhood on Christmas :)

Christmas is something that very close with everybody, especially for children. Christmas give many fantasies for children. Santa, gifts, toys, christmas tree, chocolate, snacks, and many more. Every child know Santa, the kind one in this world, who give many gifts to every child. 

Is it true that Santa does exist? 

When I went to home with my motorcycle, I was thinking about my childhood on Christmas. I can remember  and feel it :). When I was a child, I believe about Santa! This is the story...

My family have a tradition on Christmas, but it just exist when I was a child. Christmas is identic with socks. We hang up our socks and Santa will come to give something in our socks. In my childhood it was different, no socks, but shoes. At December 24th morning, I and my brother prepare for our shoe. We put our shoe in front of the door, then we collected grasses and put in the shoe. Done! Christmas eve came.. We both went to church. "Merry Christmas everybody! Merry Christmas! ....." celebrate it with the others. We went home.... We looked to our shoe, there was nothing, So we slept.... Good morning... My brother and me hasted go to see our shoe. And TARAA!! There was something! It was money. My mom ever said, "If you wake up at early morning, Santa will give you a gift at your shoe, but if you wake up late, Santa will bring it back!". That was the reason why I and my brother tried wake up in early morning on Christmas :D. At that time, I believed that it was from Santa, a real Santa (but the fact it was from my parents! hahaha). My family did it until I was in elementary school (4th grade, *because after that we grew up and know the fact, lol*). But this is the sense of Christmas, called childhood fantasies! "Santaa, please come to our home..". :)

The other activities when Christmas come, my family always did many things to prepare this glorious event. Every year, Christmas tree was always there in my living room. But this year, we haven't. A years ago, we still have a plastic Christmas tree. We have that tree since I was a baby, very long time! Before Christmas, my family made it together, decorated with lamp, trinkets, and stuffs. Because my family's tree has an old age, that tree can't be use again for a years ago... but, we have idea about bought a pine tree (real plant)! We decorate it, as usual. But at March or April after Christmas, the pine tree was fall and dead. When Christmas came again, we bought a pine tree again, and same with the preceding year, the tree was dead again. Hahaha. After that, I decide to make Christmas tree with myself for the next year. I made with cork, wire, green plastic, and paint. And the tree seen good :). But now, we don't have a tree. My mom asked me to buy a plant but not pine tree, then decorate it again. I agree with that idea, but we have no time for buy it. *sigh*. Except Christmas tree we also have Christmas cote, we also made it every year with Christmas tree :). Except those stuffs, we also put on a Christmas circle in front of our door. Ohh... so beautiful... :D

Christmas, I love it! 

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