Selasa, 11 Desember 2012


Dream is really something for me. Something that could give me some hopes, some imaginations, and some fears. Some friends ever asked me, "Why you always got dream in your sleep? I though I never got a dream, if I did, I forgot it actually when I woke up". Those question made me asked for myself, why I had many dreams, and  in every my sleep, I got a dream. Since I was child, I surrounded by them. Sometimes I got a same dream in a different month or year. I mean, I got dreams with a "same" story twice for a year. Some of my dream that I ever had, I still remember. Remember how it feel and how the story was. These all that made me why I so fanatic and sensitive with dreams.

A question from me: "Why can I remember my dream for 3 months ago, but why can't I remember what my teachers said yesterday??"  superLOL.

Back to the topic. Nightmares. Nightmare is a bad dream, really bad dream. I got nightmares for a few days ago. It happened after I got an accident. Two days with different nightmare, but have same points. Fears, tense, and lost.

In my first dream, there was my friend who told me to see about mortuary. He told me to feel how if we died and he told me to touch and make a conversation with them (corpse). They life! I was quiet, full of fear, and tried to escape. I ran, and my friend chased me, tried to catch me and bring me back to that room. When I ran, I met with my other friend, my close friend (in my real world), he hit my chest for thrice or four times, with his powerfull. And I quiet again stared at his eyes, start to cry because of his did. And I don't know the place suddenly changed into waterpark. I lost at this place, until I went out, walk in road, in rainy day, walked and walked, tried to find how to go back to waterpark. Weird.

And in my second dream, there was my friend who tried to killed me, with various ways. I was fear, and really fear. He tried to strangle me with a rope. Until I went out of that house, he still tried to kill me with his plan. Then, the situation has changed. I got a mission to find beach. I walked and walked, embus, tried to find beach, but I never find it. What I got is I have lost, in place that I never know it. 

When I woke up, those fearness was still cling at me, not just for a day, but for a few day after I got those dream. And I know now, that's the power of the nightmare for me. I hope I never get it again. This realize me that every individual has a different perception about their dream. Ignore it or always remember it. It depends with every individual's aptitude.

So, it just a dream, so do not fear! :D

Oh sweet dreams, I still need you, please come to me in every my sleep :) 

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