Jumat, 10 Juni 2011

I can't believe it!

Oh yeah, I can't believe that last night until this morning I can made some words, some sentence, that stuck on my head. And I share it on my twitter.
I just can't believe that I can make many only in some time! :D

"it's time to playing with 26 letters"

"crying is a good way to express our feeling."

"no one can understand our feeling..."

"that's an annoying question for me. Oh please."

"I like sleep because many bad stories in a real world vanish and thousand dreams will be come true"

"if I could hug someone and share my life with."

"If I could, I'll skip this time until my wedding day, when I have someone to be hold, to be have, and to be loved."

"I'm searching husband, not boyfriend."

"Hey, let see dinda, He showed you the way! Think more, and you'll get the right answer."

"husband: one and until forever, boyfriend: not necessarily forever "

"it's too hard to let my bestfriend go.."

"when will I?"

"It's time to change, it's time to move on. "

"fallin in love, broken hearted, fallin in love, broken hearted. Is it called love?"

"Love only for one, only for forever. "

"People always said "don't hope too much". It's just annoying words. Because I believe that everyone will hope (much) when there's a hope."

by Adinda

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