Kamis, 31 Maret 2011

yesterday and today :)

Yeah, finally I swam yesterday! Long time I have not been swimming, and yesterday, I did it. Yeah! Last time I swam when I was Senior High, I guess. I went to Atlas for swimming with Ervita, Silvi, and Melisa. So fun, and we can enjoy that day warmly. I felt that they are suitable for invited to swim, because they are love swim too, and they very enjoy it with me. I love you girls! Let's do it again. Hahaha. We have a plan that we'll swim every wednesday , once of a month. That's support us to have an ideal body. LOL! XD . Ah! Did you know that I'd like to be an atlet at the first time. Of course swimmer. But I can't reach it, oh what a pity. . . :|

that's what I want to be.

How about today? My lecture flow as usual, but after I finished my lecture, I joined English Club that held by FTEC. So interesting today, we met Mr. Eddie Marañon. He is the philippines. He showed us about his factory, called Sagrex Factory, which produced golden SABA banana. He said that SABA banana is much better than Indonesia's banana. In Philipines there are more that 1 thousand million hectar of banana plantation, like Mr. Eddie said. Wow! Inconceivable! :D. I felt that English Club today made me so interest and I do like this topic and the adviser. He always said "so, let eat banana!". Hahahaha.

This is the Brand of Sagrex Factory

So curious with this, how does it taste? :)

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