Rabu, 03 November 2010

it's called birthday


Super duper thank you for Jesus that gave me one year old again, gave me a new breath, new day and new life. Thank you for you all, especially for my Mom and Dad, who teach how life it is until now. I don't know how to pay back for them. And I always pray to God to give them super-healthy and happiness. This is a little journey from me, and I just want to remember it everytime :D . Let the story begin...

When i was a child....

They are my HERO , forever :)
Thanks for everything

baby is me, so cutie right? :)

me, bro, cousin

hahahaha :D

thank you for teach me how to sing, and give me a lot of experience about choir, and I'm proud with our achievement! Always be winner :D *Dulcissima Choir*

I dancing since I was a child :)

AND NOW.....
I can take the time, I can see my life, as it comes up shining now...


and SO you all SINLUI CHOIR
the best family that I never had :)


it's me now.... :D

18 years old
November, 04 2010

Happy birthday to me! I love myself, I love mine. Thank you for my family and friends, thank you for your wishes, and I pray your wishes for you too :)

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