Rabu, 10 Oktober 2012

oh thanks :p

Yesterday, I found a song, an old song, and it made me remember about my love in past. I felt like I'm in love again when I listened that song, whereas I don't. Then, suddenly my hand moved to open our pictures, then I saw it one by one. 

My little smile showed. :)

I just want to say thanks, and big thanks to you, you, and the other you who ever filled my heart. Thanks for all memories, you made me know what love it is. And you know, when I loved you, I really did :). Even you can't be mine, I know, that's the best for us. Me and you should find the better one. If ours true, we will meet again, someday. Thank you for your concern, your time, your "hope" that you gave to me. I really appreciated it. It was not my mistake, or your mistake. Me? I just the one who didn't know that would be fell in love with you. Never want it, really. But, my heart was belong to you at that time. Why? I didn't know. And you? You are the one who very nice to me. Maybe you never know that your attitude gave some hope for me. Maybe it because you really kind for me, eventhough 'sometimes' too much for me. But it just a past.. :)

Now I just want to be your friend, or more, bestfriend. Don't make those story break our friendship. Take the new book, and draw the new one. You with your love, and me with mine someday. Lucky that I ever meet you~

And once again, thank you. Because of you, I know how to love someone, with my sincere and earnest heart. We have a different way now. I wish you could reach your goal, your wish. Wish the best for us~ Find your happiness. I'll always here, if you need my help :). Be a better man! :D , bye~

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