Sabtu, 17 Maret 2012

Confusion night.

Hello my marvelous world! Long time no see. Are you still okay? hahaha. Today I cull my time to post at my bloggiest. Yah.. tonight I'm so speechless. Many story that I want to tell, but I don't have time for it. Where can I start? Hahaha.

What a tiring week. Tired of study. "MID EXAM, MID EXAM, Why you kill me softly?" (with a sound like mirror mirror on the wall). I hate exam srsly. And it always come when I'm not ready to face it. Oh Jesus, please give me motivation to pass this with a good result. Amen :)
Hmm.. let's go to the point. First, I really miss my Senior High school's friends. I miss my Sinlui Choir team, miss the competition, miss the time when we truant from class and we practice long, and all day long. Sleep and laugh in front of "photography room". Run and play at BANGSAL. Oh, can I get my past back? I miss my classmates, miss my other friend, miss the teacher, and also miss the building. In every corner, there was a sweet memory.

Second, I confuse with my life. What will my life begin? Where should I bring my life to? Many desire that I haven't reach it yet. What stupid I am. I can't manage my time well, eventhough I've try it hard, I always feel it fail. I rarely help my mom and dad, and always spent my day long not in my home. I saw one hope at my parent's eyes, and they always whisper, "When you stay in home, honey?". Their eyes talked to me. I just feel, Am I a good child for them? . . . . .

Third, that's about heart. Srsly, at this time, I really fear to fall in love. I'm afraid I'll broke again. Now my mind set that more love, more hurt. I ever made a pact with myself, that I shouldn't fall in love with someone that I think it impossible. Once is enough, to hurt. I won't it happen again. It was really sucks, and damn. No more, please. But sometimes I think, when will my heart stop feels like that?

Fourth, I tired of this all hypocrisy. I hate liars. I hate your mask. Please realize it!

Fifth, I hope, I never get disappointments again when I believe with someone, especially my for my friends.

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